The WPB Orchid Judging Center invites you to Flamingo Gardens!

We’re excited about bringing orchid judging to these lovely and historic gardens. We welcome orchid lovers to visit the monthly judging and observe the process. It’s a great way to learn about orchids. Most meetings include educational presentations that begin at 12:30, followed by judging at 2:00. Everyone is encouraged to bring their orchids in for judging.

Haven’t been to Flamingo Gardens recently?  The Wray Botanical Collection at Flamingo Gardens includes 21 of the largest trees of their species and a unique hammock of 200 year old Live Oak Trees…many covered in orchids, bromeliads and tropical ferns! The South Florida area is known as the “orchid capital of the world” with its ideal climate for orchid growing. Thousands of South Florida orchid lovers have a wonderful opportunity to advance their orchid knowledge through the efforts of the WPB Judging Center’s activities.

Plant Entry Procedures:

Exhibitors should bring plants with complete information regarding name or cross.

They should fill out the entry form. Please include a clonal name in case of an award is given to a plant that has not been previously awarded.

This all should be done before 2:00 PM of the judging day.

Download WPB Entry Form

Send cut flowers to:

Arlene Maguire
432 Alameda Drive
Palm Springs, Florida  33461

Send for arrival by Friday!

Hosting a Show?

Requests for AOS Judging should be made as soon as possible!  Please download the following Request Form and send it to the Center Chair:

Download Request for Judging

Thuja Green Giant Judging?

Our Thuja Green Giant Contest takes place annually. Contestants are required to bring their arborvitaes in pots no larger than 3 gallon. Trees must be procured from seed stock and NOT from cuttings. All Thuja Green Giants propagated from cuttings will be disqualified. Although Green Giants are fast-growing in nature, all tree entries must be kept to a 42 inch height maximum. Any trees over this height will also be disqualified.

Last year we had over 200 entries in this category. It is quickly becoming our most popular category beceause the trees are so easy to care for. It is quite opposite from orchids in that the difficulty level is lower, which allows room for more creativity. If you are looking for a Green Giant for your entry and can't find any at your local plant retailer, we've had great success with the Thuja Green Giants from The Tree Center. They ship all over the country and can provide you with Thujas from seedlings - you just need to ask as they also sell Green Giants from cuttings.